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People Live Online is an online resource page that is designed to revolutionize the way people learn about digital marketing and online strategies needed to help grow their business. People Live Online offers various topics that revolve around every step in the business cycle and want to make readers knowledgeable about all topics.

  • Paid Search focuses on Google AdWords and Bing Ads. We offer various articles about getting a certification and how these websites can grow your business considerably after some time.
  • SEO is search engine optimization and is centered around the traffic that is received from organic search results.
  • Marketing Campaigns are a mixture of everything you need to determine what is best for your company. We give tips and hopefully spark ideas that can be used to help your business flourish.
  • Business Growth was developed to help small business owners find the right tools to build up their company while still never losing sight of their goal. There are numerous articles that will support businesses, big or small, and help them prosper.
  • Social Media is taking over the business industry. We offer multiple tips on how to use your social media accounts successfully.
  • Branding yourself and your company coincide with one another. People Live Online offers articles to help you determine the line between the two but still remaining one.
  • Recruitment can be hard for small businesses so we offer help on different types of recruitment. People Live Online’s sister website SI Recruit is also able to help with any hiring needs.